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Northwest NC CoC

Agenda and Minutes

Northwest CoC meets the third Tuesday of each month to exchange agency updates and report on initiatives to prevent and end homelessness. The Steering Committee meets monthly, and the sub-committees (Permanent Supportive Housing and CoC Program, Emergency Solutions Grant and Rapid Rehousing, and Data Quality) meet bi-annually.  

Northwest CoC Steering Committee meets in the conference room of Northwestern Regional Housing Authority, Boone*: 

* inclement weather policy: if school is canceled due to inclement weather, the CoC meeting is postponed

NOTE: in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Northwest CoC meetings have been held remotely via Microsoft Teams since March 17, 2020. Meetings will continue in this manner until deemed safe to resume in-person. 


If you represent an area agency in the Northwest CoC region that provides services for, or crosses path with, the homeless population and would like to be added to the meeting notification email list please contact Northwest CoC Lead Tina B. Krause at

2023 Meeting Agendas + Minutes

January                                   February

March                                      April

May                                         June

July                                          August

September                             October

November                              December

Past meeting agendas and minutes: 

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2015 Agendas

2015 Minutes


Archived NWCoC meeting agendas and minutes available upon request.

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