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The Gardens

Fresh! Local! Healthy!

The Gardens at Hospitality House were created to increase access to fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs for the Bread of Life Community Kitchen, Food Pantry and Food Access programs operated by Hospitality House. Residents, volunteers, and interns work side by side to maintain the gardens, growing not only food, but meaningful friendships as well. The garden is grown using organic methods, in mostly raised beds, and is a key part of the Hospitality House’s commitment to the sustainability of life, community and environment.

The Gardens at Hospitality House were initiated in the summer of 2011 with funding from the Appalachian District Health Department as part of the Communities Putting Prevention to Work Initiative from the Center for Disease Control. Over 25 raised beds were created and filled, 8 of which are wheelchair accessible. In 2012, the international non-profit, Heifer USA, Seeds of Change Appalachia Initiative provided funding for a coordinator and engaged in a Hoop House build in 2013. That was the first summer of production with beds full of fresh greens, berries, herbs and many other vegetables.

In 2016 the Gardens have received around 2,600 hours of service from our community partners. With their help the Gardens have flourished with projects such as a passive solar greenhouse and a chicken run and coop. This help has allowed us to expand from a garden to a small farm with twenty-four egg-laying hens. Our Gardens have extended our efforts to engage members in the community in creating home and community gardens. With our bright future in mind the Garden plans include a transition to edible landscaping as well as pollinator and beneficial insect partnership. The Garden project actively involves clients, Appalachian State interns, AIESEC foreign exchange volunteers, and community collaborators. 

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Adopt a garden bed through the Cultivate Change Campaign. Your pledge will provide seeds, companion plants, mulch, compost, and help #SolveHunger!


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