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Street Outreach

Please call us anytime (828) 264-1237: 24 HOURS A DAY 

Street Outreach Program

Hospitality House Street Outreach program staff work with a variety of area service providers, institutions and local law enforcement agencies across the seven county region to provide street outreach, information and services to those experiencing unsheltered homelessness.


Outreach efforts involve community events, delivery of food, supplies and information to encampments and those persons residing in places not fit for human habitation (cars/underpasses/sheds/barns) and those least likely to access services without these targeted outreach efforts.


Hospitality House utilizes comprehensive community strategies to educate service providers, law enforcement, community volunteers, and access point organizations like food pantries and soup kitchens, on resources available in the region and how to appropriately engage individuals in need and those least likely to seek services.


Hospitality House integrates outreach activities into all our program standards and is a primary access point to receive referrals from across the region.


Coordinated Entry Process
If you are currently homeless, please call (828) 264-1237 and request to speak with the Emergency Shelter Coordinator. Hospitality House operates the Northwest CoC Coordinated Entry and Assessment System, and our agency strives to ensure that each individual and family experiencing homelessness receives an assessment for services. Individuals and households demonstrating the highest level of need, using a standardized assessment tool will be prioritized for housing services. 

Day Services

Hospitality House, offers breakfast, lunch and dinner every day, showers, laundry facilities, computer access, internet access, telephone access, First Aid, items, winter coats and blankets seven days a week to anyone who needs them. 

NOTE: due to COVID-19 safety protocols individuals not residing with us are being provided meals throughout the day, outside on our front porch in takeout containers, along hot coffee, bottled water and cutlery kits. There are no limitations on county of residence and all who are hungry are welcome.

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