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When you give of your time to help others, you impact lives while enriching your own. Annually, our volunteers and interns work an average of 16,000 hours, the equivalent of nearly eight full time staff positions. We are always looking to engage community volunteers and student interns in new and creative ways.

Currently, due to COVID-19 protocols we are NOT accepting new volunteers at this time. However, as the weather warms, we will individual and group volunteer opportunities in outside in our gardens. To be added to our list for future opportunities, please complete the appropriate Volunteer Application below. Once completed, volunteer coordinator Clara Coffey will be in touch to schedule volunteer orientation once we resume volunteer activities. 

  •  Preparing & Cooking Evening Meals, Weekend Meals or Hot Breakfast

  •  Visit Regularly, Hang Out, Eat Lunch/Dinner

  •  Organize a Food Drive, Work in the Food Pantry

  •  Gardening and Farming: Vegetable, Fruits, Herbs, Beautification and Chickens

  •  RISE of the High Country – Anti-Poverty Initiative Ally, One-on-One Mentor

  •  Bring Us Your Ideas

  •  Resume Assistance & Computer Room Staffing

  •  Foundation for Success – Job Skills Training Course Instructor

  •  Front Desk Customer Service

  •  Office Administrative Assistant

  •  Join Hearts of Hospitality House Ambassador Group

  •  Serving on the Board of Directors or Resource Development Committee

  •  Join our Knitting and Crochet Group

  •  Experienced Cyclists for Group Rides and to Teach Children

  •  Fitness Instructor: Group Walks, Hikes, Yoga, Exercise Class

  •  Host Bingo, Game Night or Movie Night

  •  Adult Art, Music & Hobby Activities

  •  Kid's Friday and Snow Day Activities: Art, Music, Reading

  •  Small Group Projects, Group Service Projects

  •  Organizing In-Kind Donations and Acknowledgments

  •  Spanish Language Translation

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