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The Honor Card

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"A New Way"

Send a $5 Honor Card to a friend or family member this season honoring them with a gift to Hospitality House. 100% of contributions support our housing, hunger relief and homeless prevention programs in seven NC counties.

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Retail Locations


  • Mast General Store - Downtown Boone

  • Original Mast Store - Valle Crucis

  • Rivercross Made in the USA 

  • Bridgeman Dental

  • Chetola Resort Gift Shop

  • 828 Real Estate


  • HQ Salon - Jefferson

  • Bohemia - West Jefferson

  • The Tavern - West Jefferson


  • Mast Store Annex

  • DeWoolfson Down Linens

  • Crossnore First Baptist Church

  • Boone Drug - Deerfield

  • Boone Drug - King Street

  • Boone Drug - New Market

  • Boone Drug - Greenway

  • Modern Toyota of Boone

  • Blackburn, Childers & Steagall, PLC


  • N. Wilkesboro First Baptist

Mitchell / Yancey

  • eBen Concepts - Spruce Pine

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Years ago, I began a routine of leaning upon some inspiration each morning to jump start my day.  While this certainly is not a unique practice, it is one that motivates and encourages me to take on the day.  At daybreak awaiting me in my email are three heartening messages from, “Our Daily Bread”, Rick Warren’s “Daily Hope” and Ralph Marston’s, “Daily Motivator”.   I don’t believe it’s ironic that “daily” is a part of each title!  What it says to me is that left up to my own devices I would crumble in this world.  I need daily insight, motivation, vision, incentive, enthusiasm and encouragement. These ingredients shore me up and provide a foundation that allows me to stand up to the demands and pressures of this world. But as we’ve all seen, a powerful storm can create erosion which can reshape shorelines and undermine foundations.


This past year has been one of staggering storms which have challenged all of us on every front. No one could have ever imagined the impact of COVID on our lives.  Our routines have been stripped, we’ve lost loved ones, jobs, homes, school, sports and entertainment.  This viral storm has left us with grievance, a sense of failure, dissatisfaction, frustration and resentment.  For many Americans, the COVID tsunami stuck upending the dreams they had worked a lifetime to achieve.


For more than 30 years I have participated in the lives of those who are homeless and those on the front lines serving them.  Seeing individuals facing such adversity, humiliation and hardship has many times left me in a state of shock.  But now when we see dear friends and neighbors suffering from the devastation of an upended economy, it shakes us to our core.  Our faith has become fragile with the inability to gather and hear God’s reassurance.  So, how do we know God really cares?

The words of award-winning singer Lauren Daigle’s song “Rescue” embodies this truth. You are not hidden, you are not hopeless though you have been broken, - I will send out an army in the middle of the darkest night.  I will rescue you.  The lyrics and song are poignant that I’ve incorporated it into the 2021 Honor Card campaign.  It's a daily reminder as I listen to this beautiful and powerful song.  This year I hope you will give thanks for the smallest of blessings.  That you see the world around you and if you have an opportunity to reach out and help the homeless find “A New Way” - I commend you.


What a privilege we have to participate and be an intricate part of God’s love for others.  These two verses remind me of his love and affection for us.  Psalm 34 :4 “I sought the Lord, and he answered me; he delivered me from all my fears”. 34:6 “This poor man called, and the Lord heard him; he saved him out of all his troubles.”


It is with heartfelt gratitude that I say thank you for your steadfast support and devotion for the Honor Card program and your support for the homeless and needy in our communities.

Blessing to you this holiday season,