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The Northwest Continuum of Care (NC-516) FY 2021 Consolidated Application and Priority Listing are available for viewing. Please see the documents below to review the format.

All parts of the 2021 CoC Consolidated Application will be available to the community for inspection by verbal or written request to the Collaborative Applicant.


Tina B. Krause

c/o Hospitality House of Northwest N.C.

PO Box 309

Boone NC 28607


Arrangements will be made to provide and review any and all parts of the CoC Consolidated Application in a manner that is effective for persons living with a disability and persons with limited proficiency in English. 

FY 2021 NC 516 Priority Listing

FY 2021 NC 516 Consolidated Application

Northwest Continuum of Care (NC 516) FY2021 CoC Competition
Funding Recommendations and Priority Listing

All project applications except for the NC 516 Planning Grant, must be ranked for the Priority Listing into two tiers based on a percentage of the Annual Renewal Demand (ARD) of $340,246 plus any available bonus funding, if a project application is submitted. A project ranked in Tier 1 and any funding that is allocated to Tier II is not guaranteed to receive an award:

• Tier I: 100% of NC 516’s ARD for existing renewals ($339,802)

• Tier II: Amount available for the CoC’s Bonus Project ($34,260) + DV Bonus ($102,780) = Total in Tier II = $137,040, only $102,780 applied of Bonus Projects

• CoC Planning Project – Not ranked ($20,556)

• Total of all grants for FY 2021 if awarded: $442,582


Announcement from the Northwest Continuum of Care (NWCoC), NC-516

FY 2021 Continuum of Care Program

Competition is Now Open as of August 18, 2021

  • FY 2021 HUD CoC Program Competition NOFO is published

  • The NC-516 estimated Annual Renewal Demand (ARD) is: $340,246.  Additional funding for a CoC Bonus Project is $34,260, DV Bonus is $102,780.  CoC Planning is $20,556. Please refer to the link below for specific requirements for available funding.

  • The Project Applications are available online in e-snaps beginning Thursday, August 19, 2021 a

  • The NC 516 Consolidated Application deadline is Tuesday, November 16, 2021 at 8:00 PM.  NC-516 plans to post the Consolidated Application and Project Priority Listing containing the Project Applications by Friday, November 12, 2021 to ensure CoC gets early submission points.


2021 Scorecard for Northwest NC CoC (NC-516) Funds:

New and Renewal Projects

This scorecard will be used by the Northwest CoC Project Ranking and Review Subcommittee to score applications for new and renewal projects.  The CoC prioritizes projects that serve households with severe needs and vulnerabilities, including chronic homelessness.

  • This scorecard has four goals:

    • Fund organizations that have the capacity to run effective programs (can manage and administer the program, can operate on reimbursement basis, have experience serving this population or a similar one).

    • Fund projects that reflect the Northwest NC Continuum of Care & HUD’s priorities: permanent supportive housing and serving the chronically homeless, veterans, youth under age 25, and families.

    • Incentivize agencies to be good partners (participating in community efforts to end homelessness, on HMIS, helping create infrastructure for the community’s homeless service system to operate effectively throughout the year).

    • Ensure that funded projects are being good stewards of Northwest NC CoC (NC-516) funding and performing to Northwest NC CoC (NC-516) standards.


Announcement from Northwest Continuum of Care NWCoC
FY 2021CoC Program
November 12, 2021