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The Heart of Boone

Updated: May 3, 2021

The 2020/21 pandemic of Covid-19 has affected many individuals, affecting their life negatively. There were both negative and positive events in my personal life throughout this past year, however, I am so grateful for this pandemic because it brought me to Hospitality House of Northwest North Carolina where I was a nonprofit management intern this semester. It truly was a blessing in disguise to intern at this wonderful place with AMAZING people.

One thing that I experienced that I do not believe I would experience anywhere else is that I was able to wear a ton of hats. As a non-profit management intern, I was not only working with the director of development and learning about the management aspect of Hospitality House, but had opportunities to learn from the shelter associates, in the kitchen and pantry, and at scattered sites. In short, I was not “locked into” one job function-- I was able to gain experience throughout Hospitality House. One day I was sending out “thank you” to top donors, the next day I was cheffin’ it up in the kitchen for dinner, and the next day I was putting together a bed for a new family. I truly gained SO much because I had the unique opportunity to learn about not only this organization but also about myself. I have learned so much about Hospitality House and how much it means to the residents and the community.

There are many preconceived notions about Hospitality House, the one being that it is just a homeless shelter. But it is WAY more than that. It is a place to call home, it is a place to rebuild, it is a place to become stronger, it is a place to gain opportunities, it is a place that makes the community of Boone, and it is a place that has had one of the biggest impacts on my life.

Overall, I have grown so much as a person during this internship. I have loved working with a smaller nonprofit like Hospitality House because I have formed great relationships with the staff, clients, and my fellow interns. I have only been at the Hospitality House for a semester, but the group of people I interned with has become family. I am very happy with where I ended up--this place will forever be in my heart!!

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