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Learning About Non-Profit Communication

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

This past Spring semester I was looking for an internship that would be the best fit for me. I am working towards my Advertising major and a Sociology minor at Appalachian State University. My goal was to have a better grasp of what I wanted to do with my future career after interning. I chose Hospitality House, not only to be able to stay in Boone for the Summer but also to have a new experience and practice my Communication skills. In my Advertising major, I have taken many classes that focus on communication, such as Public Speaking, Internet Communication, and Persuasion. Being in a work environment where communication is key for making this non-profit run smoothly made it helpful for me to learn about communication styles and the importance of wording. My public relations skills were sharpened as I prepared and organized the online auction. It was really cool to assist with this event throughout the Summer and eventually see it come to fruition.

Additionally, I have learned about other roles here and how non-profits function. I've been able to create food boxes with local food, assist with Lunchapalooza, talk to local businesses, and many more different experiences. I appreciate how this internship has made me feel more connected with community members and informed me on more issues in the High Country. Attending Appalachian State sometimes can be isolated from the community of Boone, so this was the perfect way for me to break out of that bubble and learn from others outside of the College environment. This internship has encouraged me to become involved in whatever community I am in after College outside of my career and ensure that I am communicating well with the people around me in and out of the workplace. I am grateful to Hospitality House for friendships and new experiences.

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