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If you Ain't Crocin, you Ain't Rockin' at HospHouse!!

My title comes from me wearing Crocs every day since my first day at Hospitality House. I love Crocs. They are a great fit and comfortable. Furthermore, I did not want to change from wearing Crocs because of the many compliments I have received about my crocs and the many different colors.

On the first day at Hospitality House, I was unsure if it was a good fit. I expected the same thing society put in my mind: people abusing drugs and alcohol with little to no effects in becoming a working citizen. However, I was utterly wrong. I have met so many individuals that were completely different from what society says. Some so many individuals were changing their lives around for the better.

I have made so many new friends and so many different connections with clients and staff that I genuinely feel as if Hospitality House is more than just a shelter. It is a place of love and care. There is not a mindset of getting clients out and forgetting about them. It is more of helping clients become self-sufficient and making sure they continue to better their life.

I am very grateful for the fantastic opportunity to intern at Hospitality House. The memories and friendships are with me forever in life. I will take these life lessons that I have learned at Hospitality House, such as communication skills, mental toughness, and having confidence in my abilities. I cannot thank Hospitality House enough for the pleasure of being an intern this summer. Always remember, if you ain't crocin, you ain't rockin'!

De'Andre Swinson-Barr

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