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My Internship Journey

Updated: Apr 29

Embarking on my final semester at App State, I was fortunate enough to start an internship at Hospitality House. Before starting, I did not know how life changing these next few months would be and how these new experiences would shape my life for the better. I got to witness how dedicated the staff was to help and empower individuals and families no matter their circumstances. 

Throughout my internship journey, most of my days were spent at the Watauga Housing & Outreach Center where most of the behind the scenes unfolded. It was more than just paperwork and logistics. I was immersed in diverse projects and events that broadened my perspective on nonprofit management. From creating flyers and press releases for future events to creating food boxes and working in the kitchen at the shelter, every task served as a stepping stone towards my educational and professional goals. 

One highlight was my involvement with Hearts of Hospitality, a fundraising entity dedicated to supporting Hospitality House. Their 30 year anniversary is this year and while attending their first meeting of the year and interviewing the founders I have learned how they keep continuing to help Hospitality House. Through fundraising events, silent auctions and birthday parties for the children at the shelter, these ladies have had an unwavering dedication to helping the community and are not stopping anytime soon. 

These past few months have aided me with more than just knowledge of PR and Marketing in a non profit sector but with connections and enrichment of life that I would not have gotten at another internship.  As I move forward to the next chapter of my life, I am grateful for the transformative experiences and knowledge I have gained from my internship at Hospitality House that I will never forget! 

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