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Garden to Table at Hospitality House

My internship at Hospitality House has been fantastic. Most of my time has been spent with Clara, who manages all the gardens at Hospitality House, and much more. From the aromatherapy gardens, the blackberry and blueberry gardens, the primary garden, and more, there is more than plenty to handle as far as weeding, planting, and harvesting. This for sure kept me busy each day I worked at Hospitality House.

I was also able to participate in other programs and events at Hospitality House, including running the pantry with Lexi, and helping with the Lunchapalooza program with Arianna. I also helped with the stairs which were installed to replace the dangerous footpath which had been established from the bus stop to the entrance.

Interning at Hospitality House is a very valuable experience and I would highly recommend it to upcoming public health graduates. You will learn much about the community and the programs that exist to help those in need, and those who volunteer their time for the benefit of others. I'm glad I got to spend my summer at Hospitality House and plan on continuing to volunteer with the gardens and other avenues. Also the first picture is from the time a chicken escaped from the coop and I had to chase it around to catch it.

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