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An Unforgettable Experience

This internship is an experience I will truly never forget. While looking for an agency to complete an internship with, I was searching for something different than

a traditional Criminal Justice field internship, and this is exactly what I got at Hospitality House. Through working at Hospitality House over the past two months I have gained so much knowledge and experience I could not have gained otherwise.

I am currently a senior at AppState pursuing a degree in Criminal Justice and Political Science with a minor in Judaic, Holocaust, and Peace Studies. Coming into this internship I did not know what to expect from this organization. Through the course of the summer, I have experienced an amazing organization with a very caring and supportive staff. I have enjoyed interacting with clients and residents through working at the front desk, in the food pantry handing out food boxes, and in the kitchen serving meals. Learning the ins and outs of Hospitality House was eye-opening to how complicated providing housing services can be. Working at the Farmer's Market booth was probably the part I enjoyed most. Getting to talk to local farmers while also purchasing food to take back to Hospitality House was extremely rewarding.

I have learned a lot about Watauga County and Boone as a whole. I have lived in Boone for three years and have never felt so connected and a part of this community as I do after interning at Hospitality House. This connection to the local community is unique to this internship, and I do not feel it could be replicated without this experience. One of the major highlights for me throughout the course has been forming connections with clients and residents. Hearing the clients’ and residents’ stories has been eye-opening to the daily struggles impacting their lives. Gaining the trust of a handful of residents has possibly been one of my most significant accomplishments. This internship has indeed been one of my favorite experiences I have ever had as an App State student.

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My time spent at the booth in the farmer's market was where I had the most enjoyment. An enjoyable time was had by all when they went to a nearby farmer's market, where they engaged in conversation with local farmers and shopped for provisions to take back to the house. vampire survivors

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Studying Hospitality House's inner super mario bros workings taught me firsthand how difficult it is to meet people's housing needs. The greatest fun I had was at the Farmer's Market booth. Visiting a local farmers market and chatting with farmers while buying food to bring back to the Hospitality House was a great experience.

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