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A True Family Within Our Community

Updated: Apr 29

This past semester I had the absolute pleasure of interning with Hospitality House in Boone, NC. From working with incredible staff to building connections with clients and residents, I learned how great it can be to give back to and make an impact on our community. I experienced first-hand how important it can be working at the front desk, where he helped provide any kind of resources clients needed, such as clothing, bedding, toiletries, vouchers, employment options, and housing information.

I was also able to experience how important the kitchen and food pantry are while working with Emily. It's incredible how proper meals that feed over 100 people are made every single day, as well as healthy food boxes being provided to dozens of people. Most importantly, while Hospitality House does an exceptional job of providing resources, food, and a place to sleep for so many people, what stands out compared to other homeless shelters is that Hospitality House has truly created a family within our community.

Not only was I able to build relationships with staff and clients, but I witnessed true friendships between clients as well as between clients and staff. Lastly, the most important things I learned while interning here were from the residents and clients. Despite the unique hardships that each of them experienced, they were so kind, selfless, and charismatic. The stories they told me and the connections we built together will remain with me forever. Thank you, Hospitality House, for all that you do and for giving me a chance to experience it!

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