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A Great Experience

When I started my internship at Hospitality House, I mainly stayed within the shelter location. At the shelter I typically spent my time helping clients from behind the front desk which can include letting them in and out of their rooms, getting them any supplies they need, getting them food and water, etc. I also have been working within the shelters kitchen and food pantry: cooking meals with the food service coordinator, organizing the pantry, unloading donations, etc. Serving the clients of Hospitality House on a personal level has been extremely fulfilling and their positive attitudes are always infectious.

Within my first month I was able to reach out to Ethan Flynn, Hospitality House’s Grant Writer, in hopes of learning about the skill. He graciously took me in and has been an amazing teacher, giving me lots of opportunities to ask questions and learn from experience. Most recently he has given me the responsibility of spear heading one of the smaller grants that Hospitality House applies for each year. This opportunity has been extremely important as it is my first time writing a grant. I hope to spend more time with Hospitality House in the future!

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