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Radiating Positivity

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

From the second I walked into Hospitality House, I felt the positivity that radiates constantly. The second I sat down waiting for my interview, I was immediately greeted with smiles and the beginning of conversations. It was in that moment that I realized how much of a sanctuary Hospitality House is.

When I began interning, I was nervous about perfecting my work ethic and fitting in. After leaving my first day, I was almost completely relieved of those worries because of the positive energy and reassurance that meets you at the door. The atmosphere that the staff and residents radiate is one that I have never felt before. It's wholesome, honest, and provides relationships that are once in a lifetime. There has not been a single disadvantage throughout my entire experience. Have there been moments where I've struggled? Of course! What would a new experience be without a little struggle?

Hospitality House, though, is the place that makes you feel comfortable through the struggle. They build you up when you're down and offer one of the sturdiest support systems I have ever seen. The appreciation given from the residents is so rewarding - no matter what role you play. There has never been a time where I have felt on my own or under-prepared in the role I was in. There was always someone there, staff or resident, to lend an ear or answer any questions I had. That's really hard to find. Everyday, I left feeling full of happiness, appreciation, and accomplishment. Whether my day was full of cookin' it up in the kitchen, unloading deliveries, or organizing the area, I always felt like what I did mattered.

Everything done at Hospitality House is meaningful, and goes towards the greater good of mobilizing the residents and providing a supportive place to come to. Hospitality House is more than just a facility, a shelter, a community kitchen - it's a home; and they truly care about the work they do.

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