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My Summer at Hospitality House

My time interning at Hospitality House has been both enriching and eye opening. I’ve enjoyed being able to work one-on-one with people in a way that I feel allows me to give back to my community. The people who come through Hospitality House, both staff and clients alike, continue to surprise me with the depth to which they care about one another. It’s wonderful to witness the impact this place has on the town, and I don’t believe I could’ve found a more fulfilling site to intern at.

Working alongside Jenna and Marianne, the on-site licensed therapists, has been immensely insightful as to the individual care that goes into this place. I’ve seen them connect with people on a daily basis and do all that they can to provide for clients in a way that deeply matters. My own experience in joining in with the Art and Community session, led by a friend and former intern, have shown me the way people are able to let their walls down and open up to the people on staff that make them feel safe enough to do so. My own experiences in coordinating with Jenna and Marianne on neurodynamical feedback sessions has been insightful and inspiring, as I want to continue the path I’m on when I enter the helping profession myself. It's been awesome, and I hope to continue volunteering in the future to keep up with the wonderful people I’ve met along the way!

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