• hany

It's the Small Things, After All

There’s a saying within the English language that goes a little something like this: “it’s the small things in life.” Or maybe this: “good things come in small packages.” There are multiple variations on this one saying, and yet they are all true.

Working as an intern at Hospitality House has made me realize just how valuable small interactions with people can be. I wanted to highlight some of the lasting impressions that some of these small moments made on me as I interned at Hospitality House.

Sometime in the early days of January 2019, I anxiously sat in the lobby of the Hospitality House, awaiting my first meeting with Todd Carter, the Director of Development. The staff had said that I should just make myself comfortable and that Todd would be there any minute. I even got a chance to say hello to one of my friends whom at the time was working as a Shelter Associate.

I was admittedly nervous about our first meeting. I did not have much prior experience in the non-profit world (other than the volunteerism work I’d done before) and one-on-one meetings of any kind always made me a little jittery. I had also recently bleached and dyed my hair a bright blue and did not know how this would hold over in terms of professionalism. And although I had the reassurance of my friends and even some of the staff at Hospitality House, I had one encounter that really made all my nerves disappear.

Two ladies had approached me as I was waiting for this meeting and had commented about my hair saying that they loved the color and had asked about some tips on the brand of dye and color choice. I sat and spoke to these ladies about my hair for a few minutes and their smiles and casual conversation made me forget all about my nerves. Once these ladies left, I found myself standing up to greet Todd who was walking through the front door, and believe that our interview went quite well thanks to those ladies who helped immensely in distracting me from my nerves (Todd also commented about loving my hair color).

Many times while working at the shelter, I was able to have such casual and pleasant conversations with so many of the residents. These small interactions really made my day and created an atmosphere of vibrance that helped me to understand the decisions behind wanting to work in this field.