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"Helping Rebuild Lives"

Updated: Jul 28, 2019

"Helping Rebuild Lives." The motto of the Hospitality House says it all. The main goal of every staff member is to rebuild and better the lives of the homeless community. My first day as an intern I was at the Hospitality House's front desk and I had someone come up to me with the biggest smile on their face and ask me "Hey, who is here today? I want to say hello and thank everyone" I asked their name and why they wanted to thank the staff, and their response was simple, "They changed my life." I knew at that moment my internship experience was going to change my life for the better as well. As I prepare to say my goodbyes as my internship comes to an end I want to thank the Hospitality House. I want to thank them for opening my eyes up to the issues of the homeless community, I want to thank them for putting me in the position to help people who are so thankful for what we do for them, and I want to thank the residents for putting a smile on my face everyday I walked into their home. My internship at this organization was more than life changing.

arts & crafts by residents

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27 de jul. de 2019

Thank you Haley for sharing such an inspiring interaction. This is why we love having an intern-centric blog.

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