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An Intern's Summer in the Food Pantry

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

My experience interning at Hospitality House this summer was by far one of the most educational and influential parts of my four years at Appalachian State University. As a rising senior a lot of anxiety surrounded the internship field experience I've patiently awaited to complete. Thankfully, every member of the staff and the clientele made me feel immediately at home from my interview for the position all the way up to my last day as an intern. I am eternally grateful for the lessons I learned and the relationships I built during my time as an intern this summer.

The unique circumstances created by COVID-19 made my time working at Hospitality House an experience I will never forget. I spent most of my time working in the food pantry and the kitchen, both of which have changed and adapted to new safety procedures. Let me tell you it really does take a village to feed all the clients that come through our doors, whether it be through the family style dining room or the drive thru food pantry. Seeing first hand what a difference Hospitality House and other nonprofit organizations make in the lives of their clients helped me determine exactly how I envision my future career path unfolding.

I cannot believe this summer has come and gone already. I will forever cherish the memories, laughs, conversations, and I'll even miss the bruises from unloading hundreds of pounds of food each day. The deep rooted sense of community in Hospitality House can be felt from the moment you open those doors and see all the smiling faces (even under masks) greeting you. I cannot wait to continue volunteering in the food pantry, which really does feel like my second home after this summer. I just want to say one last thank you to all the staff, residents, and other clients that made me feel so welcomed and comfortable throughout my time as an intern. Y'all really are the best!!!

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