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Please Consider Hospitality House for your End-of-Year Giving

“I've lived outside, off and on, for pretty much my entire life. Today I got my own place. No way that would have ever happened without Hospitality House.” ” - Zeb, 64 years old

Because of your support, Hospitality House has been able to successfully move one-hundred and thirteen (113) people into permanent housing so far in 2019 -- including fourteen (14) survivors whose homelessness was a result of domestic violence and twenty-five (25) chronically homeless individuals like Zeb -- some who have lived anywhere from five to twenty-five years outside in tents, barns or cars. 



Zeb's story is only possible because of people like you.


On average, it costs $32 per person, per day for us to provide stable housing, nutritious meals, supportive counseling and critical services.


Your gift of $3367 will provide heat for one month for the one-hundred plus people that live at Hospitality House.


Your gift of $1389 will provide 11,582 meals - our monthly average.


Your gift of $544 will support 17 children (our daily average) for one day.  


Please consider an end-of-year gift to Hospitality House! Together we can continue to help hundreds of “Zebs” reclaim their futures and live a life most considered unattainable or unworthy of. 

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