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Please Consider Hospitality House for your End-of-Year Giving

“I just can’t put into words how grateful I am to have had Hospitality House give me a second chance for a very bright and successful future. People are always asking me why I keep going back (to Hospitality House), but I come back to be with people, to let them know that I am no different than them. I want people to feel hope, to know that they can do this too.” - Daniel, 21 year-old former resident

Because of your support, Hospitality House has been able to successfully move 94 people into permanent housing so far in 2018.


Daniel is one such young man. 


Born to an unwed teen mother, 21 year-old Daniel lived most of his childhood in and out of foster care and group homes. He experienced multiple traumas throughout his seven different “home” situations trying valiantly to live a “normal” life as a child, then teenager. Despite a learning disability, he tried hard in school, played high school football, loved cars and had a girlfriend.


However, abandonment issues and those childhood traumas eventually won out. Daniel walked through our doors in October 2016, a wayward homeless teenager and high school dropout filled with anger and resentment.


After several stops and starts in our Winter Seasonal Shelter and Emergency Shelter programs, Daniel began to connect with our staff, began to trust that we had his best interest at heart and began to believe that he could change the direction of his life.


Meeting consistently with his service coordinator and counselor, Daniel set forth on a goal plan, enrolling in community college to work toward his High School Equivalency Diploma. He started working part-time jobs in order to save money and eventually moved from Emergency Shelter to our Transitional Housing program, sharing an efficiency room with one other individual.


This past June Daniel secured housing, moved out of Hospitality House and got that diploma. Today, Daniel works full-time, owns his own car and is pursuing an associate’s degree. He frequently returns to Hospitality House to attend small group fellowship, volunteer and eat dinner.



Young Man with Hat

Daniel’s story is only possible because of people like you.


On average, it costs $27 per person, per day for us to provide stable housing, nutritious meals, supportive counseling and critical services. Your gift of $3367 will provide heat for one month for the one-hundred plus people that live at Hospitality House. Your gift of $1497 will provide 12,471 meals - our monthly average. Your gift of $459 will support 17 children (our daily average) for one day.  


Please consider an end-of-year gift to Hospitality House! Together we can continue to help hundreds of “Daniels” reclaim their futures and set off on the path to a better life.

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