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It's easy to print contacts from Windows Live Mail. Simply select all the contacts from your list, then click the File > Printer option. Next, select a printer and then click "Print". You can save the contacts in CSV format and print them anywhere you want. Follow these steps to print each contact. Before you start, make sure you have checked the details of your contacts folder. You have two options when you want to print contacts from Windows Live Mail. Either select an email address or select a folder, then click the print icon. You will be asked to choose the printer in both cases. Make sure to check all steps to ensure the best result. This is the fastest way to print contacts. Although it is quick and simple, it can take some time.

You can also print the entire directory to get contacts from Windows Live Mail. You can print all email attachments in the Phone Directory. You can use the naming convention feature to organize all your contact information. The file name you print will match the email you are using. You can then choose to print the entire list. This can be done with any Windows computer.

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