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Hospitality House would like to invite you to leave your mark in the creation of Colorize My Soul - An Open Art Project for the Community. Colorize My Soul will open opportunities to cherish each other, find possible success, and free the body and mind of negative daily occurrences created by homelessness through the power of Expressive Arts.  


This project will allow our clients and their families to create freely and foster healthy relationships with neighbors and the community. Colorize My Soul will consist of a therapeutic art station for the residents to check out supplies, monthly workshops for the community, and art throughout the halls.

To start our project we could really use our communities help with supplying the following materials:

1 Mobile Lockable Storage Cabinet 

3 packs of Markers

3 packs of Colored Pencils

8 Scissors

8 Rulers

2 packs of Construction Paper

*Collage paper

*Coloring Books

3 Easels

*Washable Paints

*Paint brushes


*Palettes/paper plates

Colorful Tape

10 Glue sticks

2 packs of Sculpting clay

12 Yoga mats

Musical Instruments

* (We cannot have enough of these items!)

Anything fun and washable!

To keep this project going we will always be accepting donations and enthusiasts of the arts to lead workshops!

We will be hosting not just art workshops, but dance, music, storytelling, yoga, writing, and more!   


There will be fun Workshops to come in 2018, and your always invited to participate in any way!


For donations, more information, and opportunities to help please contact Amie Sigmann at

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