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It’s 2021, we’re still here, yet so are the pandemic challenges we’d hoped would be long gone by now. Challenge is an interesting word, both noun and verb. We have all been challenged by these times in which we still find ourselves. As we enter this time of year, I would like to issue a challenge to you – to look at your neighbors for their gifts and strengths, rather than their shortcomings and brokenness.


As caregivers to those living in poverty by society’s definition, we had to recognize that poverty exists in all people and in each of us. We came into this year depleted, tired and struggling to keep from falling victim to a poverty of caring. It became easier to recognize only the surface, instead of going within, examining the traumas, understanding the journeys, and doing what we are called to do – which is to find the gifts and strengths in everyone.


Enter Teresa. A survivor of domestic violence, in remission from cancer and evicted from her apartment, Teresa was living in the woods, in a wheelchair, a double leg amputee. When she arrived at Hospitality House, we were so focused on limitation, both hers and ours, that we almost missed her gifts. Teresa awakened every morning with a smile, focused on the positive. She routinely became “mother” to our younger adults, taking them shopping, imparting wisdom, and offering support. Maybe this was to fill a void or to soothe the grief of losing her son in a car accident. Regardless, she was a gift.


Teresa bought flowers and planned “surprises” for the staff. She zipped around Hospitality House in her electric wheelchair, spreading joy and dishing out laughter to everyone she encountered. Grateful for the smallest things, like a low-rise bed to make her wheelchair transition manageable, a privacy curtain hung over her door, or onsite medical care. Each day, she was a gift.


We often get caught up looking at the brokenness, not seeing beyond the pain. Teresa reminded us not to focus on the limitations or the poverty but to trust the process of growth. We were challenged to work towards restoring abundance in each life first, then allowing the gifts and talents to shine through.


Teresa is now in her own apartment, but the lessons she imparted won’t soon be forgotten.


The gifts don’t stop there. In addition to Teresa, 106 people have moved into their own independent housing so far this year. These successes would not have been possible without your unwavering support. Thank you for allowing us to continue meeting the challenges, for giving us the opportunity to look beyond the brokenness and for bestowing your trust in us to recognize the gifts that live inside everyone.

Finally, I leave you with this from author and priest, Father Greg Boyle: “We ought to stand in awe of what people carry rather than in the judgment of how they carry it.”

Blessings to you this Holiday Season, 


Executive Director

"I was very nervous because I had never been homeless. It was really hard, especially when you don't have any family. The good Lord brought me here for a reason and Hospitality House became my family"- Teresa

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